New ‘do

Got a new haircut. Shit is dope, mane. It looks a lot like Brian Bosworth, you know, dude from the old Oklahoma Sooners squad that wore the Nazi NCAA shirt or whatever. Actually, come to think of it, I think dude wore a communist NCAA shirt or something. Lemme go find a picture or a wiki article, hang tight.

Alright, feast your eyes.

The glory that is, Brian Bosworth.

You know what amazes me? The fact that Wikipedia has a trust flow of 100. That’s absolutely amazing. I only hope my site can get anywhere close to that.


First and foremost, keep doing open source. I’ve been really busy with my insurance agency. We’ve been dealing with so much of this ride-sharing nonsense – it’s insane. Ride-sharing is the whole uber/limo service nonsense. We have to find a way to insure these drivers when their own company won’t do it for them.

Uber fo example – Let’s say you’re an Uber driver. The only time you have full coverage under Uber’s insurance, is when you’re driving someone in your car. It’s called “faring”, otherwise, you’re only covered under them for liability. It’s a sad, sick deal really. So as you can imagine, this causes a huge mess-up in the insurance industry. Ugh.

Sorry for ranting.